Roadside assistance

Not that anything should go wrong with your brand-new MG, but in the unlikely event that something does, we provide a one-year roadside assistance package. The coverage can be extended up to 7 years, renewed for 12 months per time after the last maintenance carried out by a MG official workshop, within the MG Service Interval Plan period, as described in the MG Service Portfolio. The extension of the program is free of charge.

MG will provide a pan-European Roadside Assistance coverage and related services (towing, repair on spot, transfer, secondary services, …) to all new MG vehicles with a breakdown sold by an official MG Dealer in Europe (United Kingdom is out of scope).

It’s a really comprehensive package to offer you reassurance and a peace of mind. The details of your coverage can be found here.

Below you find all the relevant contact information, should you need to use your roadside assistance.


In case of needs, simply dial the toll-free number associated to the country of registration of your vehicle.

Phone number
Read full terms and conditions of roadside assistance